Monday, September 20, 2010

Problem Statement
Understanding what makes the most effective leaders in an organization is very important in today’s complex business environment. Organizations must identify and develop persons that have high leadership potential to stay viable. The importance of emotional intelligence has only recently become widely salient in the quest to identify high potential leaders. The recent realization of the usability of EI to
identify leaders has left a gap between research and practice. With a limited amount of research into the subject there is a need for a study that evaluates the effect of EI on career success. Research Questions There are two research questions being investigated in this study.

Research question one (R1) is:
What is the distribution of emotional intelligence scores for a population with high intelligence quotients?
Research question two (R2) is:
What is the relationship between emotional intelligence and career success?

This study is important because it will be the first research to examine emotional intelligence and its effect on career achievement among those specifically chosen for high intelligence. This research will build upon the growing understanding of the role EI plays in career success. Understanding the role EI plays in career success will benefit organizations and individuals interested in identifying high potential employees. Knowing the impact EI has on success will assist Human Resource Development practitioners in its best utilization. Because IQ is already a selection factor in identifying high potential employees, insight on EI in the high IQ population is especially important. In this situation is the role of EI the same? In the presence of high IQ, is EI and its effect enhanced, depressed or even reversed from what is seen in the general population? If this study is successful it will open the door on that question and lead the way to other studies to fully answer it.

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