Thursday, September 2, 2010


While the latter indicator is the mindset and attitude of intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurship none other meanings are: entrepreneurial attitude, but in the capacity as an employee. Someone who has character and he will thus have the responsibility and responsiveness as business owners, although he employee. Apparently, character is what makes the company could face competition and overcome the crisis. "Because of its employee base has the same interests with stakeholders
other interests that want the company grows, "said Chairy. This can be understood due to the rapid advancement of the company then the employees will get a chance to develop and enhance the benefits received.

Intrapreneurship is also an activity in which an employee is studying to be an entrepreneur in his own company. Intrapreneurship here include the rise of new ideas which if implemented could provide advantages for the company. Thus, intrapreneurship is a strategy to stimulate innovation by utilizing the entrepreneurial talents better.

How do characteristics of employees who have the character of intrapreneurship? The first usually they were proactive. They are not a model employee who is only engaged when the governed, but they are always enthusiastic, high initiative and be creative. They are also very loyal to the company. Loyalty is a long term commitment to support, sacrifice, and a defense to the company. They are not only loyal when the good times, but even more obvious when the company faced tough times.

No less important for an intrapreneurship, they are very diligent. Persistence is important because it brings wisdom, and perseverance are also in there is always hope

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