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About Research: Nervous because blood diamonds

His face clearly reflect the beat. Occasionally he threw a smile but is not sufficient to cover the flutter of songs during the trial ongoing.

Supermodels famous for, Naomi Campbel trial was not the first time in his life. He has been through many trials before this summer because of the attitude of the prodigal barannya.

So far seven cases have been filed against the cause he had to appear in court again and again. Six of the cases mentioned involve violence because it involved injury to the victim.

It is unfortunate for those who work with him because of incidents like the lempang, dihentak the phone, threatened to be thrown out of a moving car was one of several horrific experiences that they had traveled.

More violence was arrested again for Campbell mengkasari a policeman at Heathrow Airport for a wide-open with the loss of his bag. Padahnya he had to undergo 200 hours of community service for other banned from using the services of British Airways.

Punishment is not the first for him. Prior to that he had to clean floors and toilets in the New York Department of Sanitation for the beatings amahnya.

Campbell seems to be in front of the camera is seen casually caring any branded clothing. But he does not hesitate to punch anyone like that ever passed by an Italian actress, Yvonne Scio only because he was dressed just like Campbell in a celebration ceremony.

Even the lawyer who had constituted a trial summons for striking workers had to pull out because it barannya Taha hot attitude.

Lawyers representing the firm of Sullivan & Worcester in Boston was announced to the public that Campbell is a woman who may pose a danger to anyone around.

Supermodels known story about a 40-year-old is always colored the newspapers around the world. Campbell is a problem in controlling hot barannya attitude.

Despite the apparent nature of the modeling stage to wriggle lintuk kewanitaannya body that can melt any man off the stage but is very much different.

But all that capacity when he finally terkulai give evidence in a trial involving former Liberian dictator leader, Charles Taylor.


Campbell is not real easy to sit during the trial of war crimes involving 11 charges against Taylor, which was held in The Hague.

He previously had been rejected from the present to give evidence on this case but finally had to comply because you are all aware he had received a gift of diamonds from Taylor's bloody past.

The issue of blood diamonds is the moment of brutal and melancholy that was passed in modern times about how the crime is relevant parties are gaining profits through the war continued.

In general, blood diamonds from rebel-controlled areas to act against the government recognized.

Through the diamond trade is financing the rebels for military action to overthrow the government which eventually lasted for a long period around the 1980's to early 2000.

Involving bloody conflict diamonds in African countries like Sierra Leone, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

During the civil war that occurred in Sierra Leone, more than 120,000 people were killed and nearly two million more have become refugees due to war violence.

Looking at the devastation and destruction caused by blood diamonds is not surprising why Campbell restless and agitated during the giving of evidence.

Although he was not directly involved, but the reality of violence as a result of blood diamonds is like a bad igauan in the history of human civilization.

In this trial of Taylor's alleged purchase of diamonds from Sierra Leone rebels in exchange for firearms.

Taylor is facing 11 charges of war crimes including the brutal killing people, making women and girls as sex slaves and boys abducted to serve as soldiers or forced labor.

He also accused the main mastermind behind the rebel group Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Foday Sankoh led.

Looking at the trial that took place there may be a wonder how a Supermodels like Campbell can be involved.

It all began at a dinner organized by former South African President, Nelson Mandela at his home in 1997.

The ceremony was attended by many dignitaries including famous celebrities. Campbell claimed that he received a diamond in the middle of the night after two men knocked on the door and give him his room and found a package containing a diamond is still in the original form.

He claimed that not even ask who is providing the diamonds for a common Supermodels he had received a variety of prizes.

Only the next day, he shares the story of the prize with his companion, actress Mia Farrow and former agent Carole White.

He later told prosecutors that the three of them still looking diamonds may be cut by Taylor who became President of Liberia from 1997 to 2003.

The model is derived directly from the British claimed that Taylor's name has not been heard or heard about the blood diamond or the name of the country of Liberia itself.

Campbell later told he continued to diamond to Jeremy Ratcliffe is a representative to Mandel in his Children's Foundation as an aid to help the foundation.

After the incident claimed that Campbell could not hear the story about the jewels until Taylor brought to justice.

But the story given by Campbell is said to be different from the version described by Farrow and his White who claimed they saw Campbell and Taylor berpeleseran when the event took place.

Notwithstanding the real story that happened presence seen vital to the survival Campbell Taylor.

If he claims to have met or know of anyone who gives a diamond it is clear that the person involved in the diamond trade issues as well as their involvement in the war say yes.

But so far remained consistent Campbell did not know Taylor and this might help some of the former dictator escape punishment.

Waima what is happening is the fact that Campbell knew. But clearly the trial was finally over egonya which is only concerned about themselves because they lost the attitude barannya hot.

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